Nomenclature Workshop

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Tuesday, November 24 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM PST

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Location: Online

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Title: Nomenclature Workshop


This year's nomenclature workshop is designed to build on the work accomplished during the 2020 Quality Summit at the Emerald Conference. The first workshop's outcome was to elaborate a Top-Down hierarchy framework of nomenclature, where cannabis and hemp products could be classified.  The framework and proposed definitions for terminology were discussed and polled with a diverse quorum of industry stakeholders, scientific experts, and market experts. The previous workshop generated a white paper, which will be summarized during the first part of this upcoming talk. The second half of the program will highlight efforts other organizations are spearheading to help address standardization across the cannabinoid landscape. 

*The second half of the program will take place live on Zoom following the summary. To access the live discussion, go back to the agenda in SwapCard and click the session again, there will be an orange "Join Discussion" link. This will take you to Zoom where the discussion will take place.

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  • Cannabis Science

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Science Symposium (Passholder Day)