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Address: 2373 Central Park Blvd, Suite 100
City: Denver
State: Colorado

Country: United States

Zip: 80238

Phone: (720) 534-0488

About Witlon

Witlon Enterprise Co. (WECO) is a workforce management company focusing on providing the back office fundamentals through payroll administration, banking solutions, employee benefit management, and project development and management. We practice a joint employment model where we not only manage payroll, but employee liability with municipal, state, and federal tax filings, and unemployment and workers' compensation filings and claims. We work with firms of all sizes with a purpose of serving as a complete back office partner. We enable strong indivuduals to grow, reduce overhead costs, and add value to their operation through our Elevated Payroll Services:- Funding of payroll- Processing of payroll and payroll taxes- Workers' Comp insurance for employees (all 50 states)- Health insurance/401K- Unemployment claims- End of year W2 distribution- General Liability Insurance for employees- Software for CRM/ATS- Invoicing end-user clients- Management of pre-employment screenings- Management of all post-employment HR related issues- Employee portal and online employee management toolsThrough a strategic partnership, WECO utilizes an employee services platform to keep track of all employee records and information, and provide access to benefits, including affordable health care, 401K, and PTO.Finally, WECO can serve the legal cannabis industry nationwide. This is done through our software partnership, and with our strategic relationship with the country's largest MJ business deposit bank. WECO is your compliant payroll solution and partner. Bottom line ... WE DO THE WORK.

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